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Troubleshooting your TowBox®

If you’re having issues with your TowBox® then please see if the following information is relevant.

TowBox® Lights do Not Work

  • Check the electrical plug is correctly connected to the tow bar wiring plug.
  • Check that the tow bar wiring plug on the vehicle is working correctly.
  • The V3 TowBox® has LED lights and in some rare cases the tow bar electrics may not be compatible with the LEDs due to their low resitance. Please get your tow bar fitter to confirm your tow bar wiring is compatible with LED lights.

The Reversing Lights Don’t Work

  • If you have a 7 pin towing electrics connection the reverse lights will not work. This is due to 7 pin wiring not having the pin connected for reverse trailer lights.

Can’t Get the TowBox® to Attach to the Towbar

  • Make sure that the tow box is in alignment with the vehicle. If the vehicle is facing up or downhill then the tow box needs to follow the line of the vehicle so that the tow ball and the tow box hitch connection are lined up.
  • Does the tow box hitch connector need adjusting? In most cases the tow box will be ready to attach to your tow ball without any adjustment.

TowBox is Moving Side to Side on the Hitch.

  • Please check that the tow ball and the tow box hitch are clean from any grease or contamination.
  • Check that the tow box hitch is adjusted correctly. (see user manual)
  • The handle should be firm to push down and if correctly adjusted the box should be firm wityhout any side ways movement. (Please note… If you push hard on the sides of the box there will be some movement, the box is designed to safely carry 50kg)

There’s a Knocking Noise when I Drive Over a Bump

This is most probably due to driving over the bumps at an excessive speed. TowBox® recommends not driving over 5km/h when crossing uneven terrain.

There’s Water Inside my TowBox®

Although the tow box is weather resistant there is no guarantee for it being waterproof. What we have found is that if water does get into the luggage area then unless it is drained off it will stay there. If you do have water inside the luggage area there is a drain at the bottom of the box in the floor area under where the lock is. remove the rubber seal and let any water drain out.

The Lid Hinge has Bent.

  • This is almost always down to not unlocking the hinge before closing the box lid. Providing the hinges are used as per the instruction manual you will get years of relaible use from them. If the hinge has been forced closed in the locked position you will need to replace the hinge. Please contact us for a replacement.

The Light Surround has Broken

  • If you email a picture of the light cluster we can check the stock and price for a replacement.

TowBox will not pull back.

Sometimes the strut underneath the tow box becomes dry and will not automatically pull back when the peddle is activated. The best fix for this is to lightly grease the strut, this will lubricate it enough to allow it to pull back.

Lost TowBox® Keys

If you have lost the keys to your tow box then please contact us to arrange replacement keys.

Providing the TowBox® is used in line with the recommendations shown in the user manual you should have years of reliable use from it.

The TowBox® user manual can be downloaded here.