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Questions and Answers

We get a lot of questions about Tow Box so here are a few of the popular questions along with the answers.

Q. What is the weight of a V3 TowBox®?
A. The net weight of the V3 box is 38kg.

Q. What size is the V3 tow box?
A. 120 cm wide x 75.5 cm depth x 67.5 cm height.

Q. What’s the maximum weight I can put in a tow box?
A. The tow box is designed to take up to 50kg in storage weight.

Q. Why are the Tow Boxes shipped from Spain?
A. The tow boxes are supplied direct from Aragon who manufactures them. The price of shipping directly from the Aragon warehouse to your address is not much different from that of delivering from our premises in the UK.

Q. Can we collect a tow box from you?
A. Unfortunately we currently do not have a collection system in place. This is mainly because the size of a boxed tow box is large, the only way to collect would be if the customer had a large van. As most people would not have the transport to collect we deliver direct to the customer’s address.

Q. Is the tow box secure?
A. The box comes with a key lock on the tow ball connector and a key lock on the main storage compartment.

Q. Will the TowBox® fit through a standard front door?
A. The tow box will fit through a standard front door Unpackaged).

Q. How is the TowBox® delivered?
A. We use an international courier that will deliver the Tow Box to your door. Please be aware that the box is packaged in a large strengthened cardboard box, it will need two people to move it.

Q. What tow bar electrics do I need for the box?
A. The TowBox® can be used with either 7pin or 13pin tow bar electrical sockets. (with the 7 pin connection you will not get a reverse light. (reverse lights are only available on 13 pin towbar connections. )

Q. Is the TowBox water proof?
A. Tow Box is water-resistant and is great at keeping your items dry however it is not water-tight. Inside the box, there’s a channel with a neoprene rubber seal that helps to keep everything nice and dry.

Q. I’m interested in becoming a TowBox® supplier in the UK?
A. If you would like to supply your customers with TowBox® then get in touch with us. We can offer trade prices and supply you with everything you need to become a TowBox supplier.